Fuel your artistic flames in beautiful places with expert instruction, brought to you by renowned artist Tanya Talamante


As one of the best known painting vacation providers in Mexico we believe in offering you extraordinarily well-designed painting workshops that bring you closer to your own aspirations of mastering painting techniques. Allow you to absorb tips and techniques from the best artist in town while retaining the memories of all you see and hear. That is why our intimate, individual, inclusive itineraries are designed to help you explore the subtleties of your chosen media while relaxing and being captivated by the local food, culture, people and customs of this amazing Baja community, which we feel defines and embodies the Distinctive Art Experience. This is a painting vacation on an intimate scale with the individual personal exclusivity you deserve.


Family activities are perfect for children, parents and grandparents; learn about and make art together. Work on individual projects or you can also create a “family master piece”. It´s also a great way to decorate your space because you go home with a painting you can be proud of.


Here is your chance to play with art, ideas, self-exploration, and creative improvisation in a self and supportive environment with an experienced artist instructor. In this class, we will look into creative an new ways of making art. Some of the concepts that will be explored will be the stages or creating art, making changes and finishing a painting.


A great and fun way to introduce art into children´s lives. Simple and clear explanations of technique, combined with instruction from established local artists, will enable children to feel successful and encouraged to explore art as a form of expression.


Enjoy customized privet instruction and allow your creativity to brush forth receive tailor-made instruction created just for you. Learn artistic techniques that support your unique needs and authentic self-expression, develop your artistic voice and feel fulfilled through creativity. This art lab is also open children who want to stimulated their imagination, creativity and experience ten excitement of making art.


In this all-levels workshop, you will make a tree of life candelabra or menorah using clay coils, inspired by traditional folk art clay sculpture in Mexico. By coiling an using wire, students will develop their own symbolism using animals, flowers, leaves, and figures to create colorful and intricately decorated designs that will bring joy at home for year to come. The finished candelabra sculptures are painted whit colorful acrylics.